What Kind of Events can the Englewood Event Center Hold?

The Englewood Event Center is the perfect place to hold your next event. Whether you are hosting a wedding, a graduation party, or anything in between, we have the space for you! We offer indoor and outdoor venues that can be customized to suit any need. Our facility has a capacity of up to 1,000 guests and features more than 100 acres of green lawns and gardens.

The Englewood Event Center can hold a variety of events from outdoor concerts to large-scale weddings.

It is a flexible space that can be transformed to suit the needs of any type of event. The different kinds of events that we can hold are listed below.

  1. Large-scale weddings up to 350 guests
  2. Concerts with outdoor and indoor configurations for approximately 15,000 people when using the full lawn space or a more intimate setting in the amphitheater that seats 5000 people comfortably.
  3. Smaller events such as company picnics, fundraisers, and dinners can also be held. You can incorporate games like table tennis into the event. However, it’d help if you’ve been using a robot to play with before. Robots are quite helpful as it helps you practice your game at home. With sufficent practice, you’ll enjoy this exciting table game when playing with others at the Englewood Event Center
  4. It could be a game convention where they have different kinds of games like table tennis.

Other special events such as a fashion show or trade show are great for this venue.

The Englewood Event Center is a versatile space that can hold many different types of events from large-scale concerts to intimate weddings. Our knowledgeable event coordinators will work with you every step of the way to ensure that your event is a success. Contact us now to find out more about the venue and how we can help you plan an amazing event!

There are two indoor rooms that come with the event center, one of which is perfect for smaller gatherings and meetings.

The other room can seat up to 110 people and comes with a full catering kitchen. There are also three outdoor areas that can be used for larger events or festivals, although they have been known as the “perfect place” for weddings as well!


One great thing about the Englewood Event Center is its proximity to Madisonville – it’s less than a 10-minute drive away! 

The Englewood Event Center provides a great venue for both large and small events. One great thing about the Englewood Event Center is its proximity to Madisonville – it’s less than a 10-minute drive away! The ballroom can host up to 600 guests and we have plenty of parking for all your vehicles. If you would like, feel free to come by on any day between 8 am-4:30 pm as well; just call ahead so that someone will be there waiting at Registration when it opens each morning/evening

The guest list doesn’t get much bigger than this: weddings, business events such as networking meetings or sales presentations (we’re conveniently located directly off I65), conferences organized through organizations such as Education International Corporation USA Inc., Society Of Publication Designers INC.; annual client appreciation banquets sponsored by companies, or just a fun family reunion.


All in all:

If you’re looking to hold an event in Englewood, Colorado then the Englewood Event Center is a great place for you. The center offers meeting rooms and event spaces that can accommodate groups between 15-2000 people. They offer catering services, free wifi access, audiovisual equipment rental options, and plenty of parking space to make your experience stress-free. Let them know how many guests will be attending so they can help design the perfect setup with ease!


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