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About Us

About Us

Englewood Event Center is a leading provider of an events venue. We also review different events venues to help you make an informed choice. We’re a review site for events venues and anything else that has to do with events.

We understand the power of words in helping you make an informed choice when looking for the right venue. According to Bright Local, 92% of internet users read reviews before making a buying decision or choosing an events location.

Nielsen also states that 70% of internet users who read reviews base their decisions on what they read. And, after reading about 10 reviews, 90% of the online users who read reviews are convinced to make a decision.

What’s more, the younger generation gives more importance to reviews when it comes to decision-making.


Online reviews, according to a Forrester Research study, increase sales by 17%, conversion by 58% and customer loyalty by 88%.

We encourage customers to leave reviews for events centers and venues they’ve used. Satisfied customers are happy to recommend event planners and venues they’ve used, including customer service and cost.

Englewood Event Center gives you valuable feedback not just on our events venue, but also others you may find necessary. It’s a form of word of mouth you can use to advertise your events business.

With our reviews, your events business is bound to rank higher in search engines such as Yahoo, Google and Bing. Prospects also use the reviews to quickly choose your company for their event needs. Eventually, you’ll receive more positive reviews from your happy customers.

We ensure that you’re in touch with the perspectives of customers about your business and develop your communication skills. Reviews also help develop learning skills to keep growing your business, atop adding value to your existing brand.

At Englewood Event Center, we make the benefits of your company tangible through the eyes of your satisfied customers. You become alert and responsive, in addition to getting the evidence prospects can use to evaluate your events services.

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