Penning herself as more of a “Sensitive” rather than “Psychic”, Mary Rose believes our natural born, God given Gifts are meant to help us all connect ~ allowing us to heal, to seek insight together and to encourage each other throughout our life path.  She uses no tools.  Her highlighted Gift of Mediumship - when a loved one or 3 pops in during sessions - makes our heart sing!  Mary Rose is also empathic, clairvoyant, clairaudient and dream interpretive.  She loves to teach and to help others find comfort in opening up their own innate Spiritual Gifts.

Mary Rose came from a close family where spirituality and ‘gifts’ were very normal and useful, common topics. Born and raised in Seneca Falls, NY, her earliest recollection of learning to ‘never be afraid of your gifts’ and ‘do well’ was around the age of 7.  Guardian angels have been present throughout her whole life. Mary Rose never remembers a time not feeling that wonderful, God-sent closeness and love. By her early teens, she was able to discern whether people were innately good or bad and began to see and sense things about them and their character. She did shut off her gifts for several years until later on in life when those Gifts began to simply overflow to the point she could not hide it away any longer. She then decided to completely open up to her own family and then a few close friends and noticed the healing in her spirit as she helped many.

Mary Rose has quickly become a very sought-after Medium, professional spiritual advisor and life coach.  Her path of helping others to heal, to seek insight and to encourage others to become more comfortable at opening up their own innate spiritual gifts has grown world-wide.

She has an extensive background in entertainment & public speaking.  Raised Italian Roman Catholic, she married into the Presbyterian Church and then later worked as Director of Children’s & Youth Ministries at her hometown United Methodist Church.  After studying and becoming certified to lead worship, she led many Contemporary Services.  The youth of her community remain a huge part of her heart.

Mary Rose asks for you to remember;  this is a spiritual partnership between yourself and God.  She is simply the Medium.  Pray about this, as you need to be open to receive and comfortable to give your energy, as well.

Friday, May 26th, 2017
Doors open at 7pm - Show starts at 8pm